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Value Creation Strategies & Solutions

Driving Profitable Revenue Growth

Sales Training


Value Insight Sales Training Approach (VISTA) focuses on providing tools to help you find and capture the value that your solutions bring to your customers and their customers.

Elements of the VISTA selling process:

  • Pre-call planning
  • Creating "impact"
  • Positioning your company and your offering
  • Who do we call on?
  • Questioning strategies & tactics
  • Relationship analysis & development
  • The customers buying process
  • How to deal with your competition
  • Pricing for value
  • Sales tools to keep the sale going, initiate action, and facilitate understanding
  • Coaching strategies
  • Validating opportunities
  • Negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Decision maker and influencer analysis
  • Creating and using a "sales funnel"

Marketing Training


VCS2 builds and develops skills for your marketers to identify and target the right markets, develop marketing strategies, define the marketing mix and execute marketing plans to build a sustainable  growth strategy. 

Components of Marketing Training:

  • Qualitative and Quantitive methods for defining markets
  • Determining market attractiveness
  • Demographic and behavioral segmenation 
  • Identification of adjacent markets
  • Finance for marketers
  • Target market analysis and selection
  • Industry forces analysis (5 Forces Model)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Customers buying process
  • How to deal with your competition
  • Pricing for value
  • Sales tools development 
  • Coaching strategies
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