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Strategic Marketing

At VCS2, Strategic Marketing helps clients answer the key questions of  “Where to Compete?” and “How to Compete?”. Our MAAP process is the discipline we bring to every engagement. The process embodies market segmentation, targeting and promotion activities. MAAP drives innovation processes from ideation through specific phases into solution launch and beyond. 

Where To Compete?


The first step in the MAAP process is to define the market to serve and to determine if winning can be profitable. Start with a broad market definition and segment it on how customers buy.

How to Compete?

Focus is placed on determining how to win in the second part of MAAP. The process is multi-disciplinary and extends beyond sales and marketing teams to include Finance, Operations and other staff functions.

Business Development addresses the gap between defining strategy and converting strategy to profitable top-line growth. The gap is bridged with Action Plans to connect and align marketing and selling. This key step to achieve profitable top-line growth can also increase selling efficiency and effectiveness.

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