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Innovation to Sale


VCS2 helps clients to develop an innovation development process from ideation to launch and beyond. We apply our MAAP process across your organization to answer critical questions .

Elements of the MAAP process: 

  • Ideation
  • Market assessment
  • Product/service development
  • Test market, manufacturing scale up, begin sales/commercial training
  • Solution launch
  • Continuous sales/commercial training


Benefits of the MAAP process:

  • Structured process - Drives the innovation process through a phased format 
  • Flexibility - Accomodates simple product line extensions all the way through major product line introductions and even acquisition and partnership scenarios
  • A team approach - Brings in all organizational disciplines into the innovation and growth process
  • Market and strategy driven - Creates a structured ideation process that focuses on current products, geographies, and market continuums in order to develop a list of adjacencies for consideration as new growth opportunities
  • Goes beyond solution launch - Most processes stop at solution launch, MAAP develops a continuous learning process after the actual launch aimed at creating "subject matter expertise" so your commercial team "teaches" your customers
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