Value Creation Strategies & Solutions
Value Creation Strategies & Solutions

Marketing and Business Consulting


VCS2 helps clients build sustainable growth platforms in new markets, adjacent markets and current markets by focusing on creating and capturing value across the value chain .

Business Development


VCS2 works to bridge the gap between strategic marketing and selling. Sales and Marketing Action Plans focus on downstream activities to implement strategy. 

Digital Marketing


Successful digital marketing is built on a strong traditional marketing foundation. VCS2 can help you build that foundation and work with your digital marketing team to maximize performance of the digital channel. 

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)


BCDR is a commitment to taking responsibility for stakeholder relationships. Those relationships encompass the customers you serve, the business partners who rely upon you, your suppliers who have made commitments to you and your employees who depend upon you.


VCS2 has in house expertise in BCDR. We make BCDR part of target market selection  criteria in our MAAP process and help ensure that clients have the right BCDR plan for their current business and target markets.

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